Capricorn Coast Birds
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Laughing Kookaburras
There are a lot of these in the eastern part of Australia, they are an iconic bird and are as much a part of the country as gum trees and blue skies, many of us wake to their laughing call in the morning and hear it as the sun goes down in the evening, they are ubiquitous. I've taken many photos of them and sometimes feel I've taken enough, but then I come across one on a fence post in the morning light and off I go again, they're a great subject. These are some I took on the Blackdown Tableland.
One of the pleasures of camping are the small incidents that occur while your sitting there having a cuppa, or whatever, and I generally do a bit of this because many of the birds go fairly quiet in the middle of the day. Kookaburras seem to be active all day and this one dropped in quite close to me to do a bit of foraging.
  it wasn't long before it rooted a small spider from the forest litter  
  ...and after a bit of mashing it went down the little red lane  
  ... then back to looking for another snack  
  this is a young one, so cute you'd think butter wouldn't melt in its mouth  
  don't bet on it  
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