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  Blackdown Tableland National Park  
Blackdown Tableland is a 600m high sandstone plateau in the Queensland Central Highlands Region, the vegetation is mostly open eucalypt forest and woodland cut by ravines and gorges with denser vegetation of ferns heaths, and mosses. Munall camp ground is adjacent to Mimosa Creek and a short walk from your tent takes you through a visual feast of noble forest and richly detailed understory broken by ancient limestone outcrops and ridges.
Mimosa Creek was just a short walk from my campsite and was the first stop on my daily round seeking birds, the rocks are very old fairly rich with iron, this has oxidised over aeons to produce the rich red colouring, this is a feature of the Australian landscape, in this photo the effect is further enhanced by the early morning light.
This is Mimosa Creek further upstream, the stepping stones are part of the track leading to Goon Goon Dina, Blackdown tableland is the traditional homeland of the Ghungalu people who visited regularly. The track leads to a Ghungalu art site featuring some fine rock art.
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  Yellow-faced Honeyeater  
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  Pied Currawong  
  White-naped Honeyeater  
White-naped Honeyeaters were fairly common but I didn't manage to get any very good photos of them, this was also the case with many of the other small birds that abound at Blackdown, I came home a bit disappointed with my results but will be going back when time allows, it's a beautiful place.
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It was spring when I was up at Blackdown and the wildflowers were in full bloom and putting on an impressive display which heightened the effect of the landscape and light, in going through my photos for this posting and reflecting on my visit i began to understand why I was a little overwhelmed by the place. I don't know the names of some of the plants but will find out.
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