Capricorn Coast Birds
  Eastern Yellow Robin
Eopsaltria australis
Average size16cm
  The photos were taken at Water Park Creek camp ground where I spent a couple of nights recently, you can see more photos from these trips here Water Park Creek  

These are found along the coastal strip and adjacent hinterland of eastern Australia from South Australia to Cooktown. Like all Australian Robins they are not related to either the European Robin or the American Robin.
They live in a wide range of habitats, from dry woodlands to rainforests, but are most common in fairly dark, shaded locations close to water, in our area they are quite common in the rainforest areas around Byfield.
They feed mainly on insects, spiders and other arthropods that are caught on the ground or pounced on from a low branch or the side of a tree trunk. Birds normally feed alone, but may also be seen in pairs or small family groups.
Males and females look the same and breeding takes place between July and January, as with many Australian birds this is often communal. The nest is a neat cup made of fine plant material and spider web, usually placed in a fork disguised with lichen, moss, bark, or leaves.