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I recently took up a long standing invitation to spend a couple of days at GKI Holiday Village on Great Keppel Island, The island is among the most beautiful islands on the Queensland coast, covering over 1450 hectares, with 17 clean white sandy beaches, accessible coral reef, walking tracks, affordable accomodation and only a 30 minute ferry ride from the mainland, you can find out more about it here; Great Keppel Island
The welcome sign at Great Keppel Island Holiday village, 'hand carved by local crafts people' I was assured, note the artfully contrived lean, my stay here was as cheerful and relaxed as the sign itself, it's a very pleasant place that lives up to its maxim 'the quiet alternative'. I camp in National Parks regularly and found the peace and tranquility here very much like them, their website is here; Great Keppel Island Holiday Village
These two Noisy Friarbirds were having what seemed to be an altercation although I may just be airing an anthropocentric opinion based on their general behaviour and appearance; they are very aggressive toward other birds, have a harsh raucous 'voice' and a forbidding visage, among themselves they may be the paradigm of gentle tenderness, but it doesn't look like it.
  Another Noisy Friarbird feeding on a Cocky Apple flower, the Cocky Apple flowers at night with the flowers falling early in the morning.  
This Laughing Kookaburra was being harrassed by several Noisy Friarbirds but paused long enough for a single shot, it's always a bonus to get a photo of a bird engaged in the business of being a bird, in this case with a large skink, in the photo below it is the Sunbird building her nest.
I came across this female Olive-backed Sunbird building her nest in the beach scrub near Putney Creek, Olive-backed Sunbirds seemed more common on Great Keppel than along the coast, it's a quiet and deep pleasure to witness these things, but if you're reading this you already know that.
  I came across this juvenile Fan-tailed Cuckoo in the scrub behind Putney Beach, it was very cooperative and I got some reasonable photos.  
Geoff Mercer of GKI Holiday Village took a few of his guests on a boat ride round Great Keppel and stopped off to show us this cave in a small cove, fantastic rock formations are a feature of the islands rugged coastline, if I had to design an entrance to the underworld this would be a good starting point.
  is this the world's biggest bird nest !  
I don't know, of course, but I did have a look on the net and the competion for the title looked pretty feeble in comparison, the huge pile of material below it to the right would have slipped over the edge during construction, the Ospreys building it must have felt like Sisyphus at times, forgive the shaky photo but we were bouncing around in a tinnie (small alloy boat).
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