Capricorn Coast Birds
Grey Goshawk
Accipiter novaehollandiae
Average size 46cm
These are found along the coasts of northern, eastern and south-easternAustralia,Tasmaniaand islands to our north.
There are two colour forms, the bird in the photo is the grey form while the other is all white and often known as the white Goshawk. The grey morph is more common in the thicker, tropical and sub-tropical forests of the east coast and is the one found in our area. The white morph is predominant in the more open forests of north-western Australia and coastal Victoria and is the only form found in Tasmania. Both forms are otherwise identical and interbreed freely.
Their preferred habitats are forests, tall woodlands, and timbered watercourses.
They feed on birds, small mammals, reptiles and insects, capturing prey by striking with their long, powerful clawed toes.
Males and females look alike although the female is larger, they form permanent pairs that defend a home territory year round. Both sexes constructs a stick nest lined with leaves high in a tree fork which may be reused. While the female does most of the incubation, the male relieves her when she needs to feed, and catches most of the food for the young.