Capricorn Coast Birds
  Hedlow Creek  
Hedlow Creek is a large permanent creek with plenty of water in an extensive internal drainage basin. Lake Mary Road follows Hedlow Creek for some distance, the creek is flanked by grazing properties and the road is unfenced so I am usually driving past, or through, groups of Brahmin cattle.

  some of the birds  
  Squatter Pigeon, I sometimes come across 3 or 4 of these on the way to Hedlow Creek along Lake Mary Road.  
A family of Black-winged Stilts, the parents have the darker wings and nape, I took many shots before they all came to be facing in one direction, which was what I was hoping for, this is another photo that evokes my memory of being there, and how pleasant it was.
Australian Bustard, several of these great birds very occasionally put in an appearence at Hedlow, their need for open spaces lead me to think that each time I see them here may be the last. The Capricorn Coast is growing rapidly and increased traffic, land subdivision, noise and other human interference puts great pressure on large birds like Bustards and Jabirus and I fear that one day they will simply stop coming here.
A Black Kite perched in an old eucalypt beside the creek, these scattered tall trees are the remnants of the magnificent open forests that would have covered this area, and much of the non-arid zones of Australia.
  Rufous Whistler male  
  Pale-headed Rosella  
  Fairy Martins  
Lake Mary Road is unfenced where it runs beside Hedlow Creek through grazing properties and scenes like this are not uncommon, a few beef cattle dawdling along with their attendant flock of Cattle Egrets, an image of pastoral peace and harmony on a beautiful morning at Hedlow.
  where is it  

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