Capricorn Coast Birds
Pandion haliaetus
Average size 60 cm
  These were photographed at Rosslyn Bay.  
I came across this Osprey eating its' catch in Ross Creek, this was taken when I had just begun photographing birds and was a great stimulus to pursue the hobby, it was very exciting.
  An Osprey searching for prey at the Kinka Wetlands Reserve.  
Distribution; in all continents except Antarctica.
Habitat; any location near a body of water and providing an adequate food supply. Our area provides excellent habitats for them on the coast and islands and we have healthy populations, there is an occupied nest in the car park at Rosslyn Bay and you can sometimes see them hunting in Ross Creek or the Kinka wetlands.
Live fish comprise almost the whole of the their diet and they typically take fish weighing 150–300gm and about 25–35 cm long but can be much heavier, the fish in the photo is well over 300gm and is an indication of how powerful these birds are. The nest is made from sticks and driftwood high on a cliff, a dead tree or man-made structure and because it is often used by the same pair over many years it becomes quite large.
  The Osprey nest at Rosslyn Bay Boat Harbour