Capricorn Coast Birds
  Rainbow Bee-eater
Merops ornatus
Average size 24cm
  Female, on left, and male      
The photos above were taken one morning near the Capricorn Resort, they are the same pair as those on the left above, the birds can only have been engaged in a mating or courtship flight.
Distribution; throughout mainland Australia, as well as eastern Indonesia, New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.
Habitat; open forests, woodlands, shrublands, and cleared areas.
Diet; flying insects, mainly bees and wasps, as well as dragonflies, beetles, butterflies and moths.
Apart from the length of the tail feathers the sexes look alike. The nest is at the end of a tunnel about 90cm long dug in soil or sand
These are common in spring and summer here, the best place to see them is on the road to the Capricorn Resort where numbers of them gather to nest in the soft soil.