Capricorn Coast Birds
Red-backed Fairy-wren
These are quite common here in their preferred habitat and I frequently see them, particularly in the grassy areas behind beaches such as Kemp and Farnborough.
  Red-Backed Fairy-wren Malurus melanocephalus Average size 12cm  
Distribution; native to Australia in river and coastal areas along the northern and eastern coastlines from the Kimberley region in the northwest of Western Australia to the Hunter River in New South Wales.
Habitat; heathland, open woodland and among foreshore dunes particularly where low shrubs and tall grasses provide cover.
Diet; a wide variety of insects, including beetles such as weevils, bugs, grasshoppers, moths, wasps and cicadas, seeds and other plant material make up a small proportion of their diet.
During the mating season the male displays the striking plumage seen in the photo above, females, non breeding males and young birds have inconspicuous plumage. A spherical nest is constructed of dried grasses and usually lined with smaller, finer grasses and hair and concealed in grass tussocks or low shrubs.