Capricorn Coast Birds
  Rufous Whistler
Pachycephala rufiventris
Average size 18cm
  Male   Female, young birds are similar  

These are found throughout mainland Australia and also in Papua New Guinea and  New Caledonia. They are generally sedentary with some seasonal migratory movements in eastern Australia. They are named for their singing which is a variety of musical calls consisting of a lengthy series of ringing notes
Their habitats are forested areas, woodland with a shrubby understorey and remnant bushland patches  but they are also found in gardens and farmland. Rufous whistlers are fairly common here, however they don't venture into the open and can be hard to see. The photo was taken beside Hedlow Creek but you can find them at Lammermoor Native Gardens and similar areas of beachside scrub.
They mainly eat insects but will sometimes eat seeds, fruit or leaves, they forage at higher levels than other whistlers and are rarely seen on the ground.
The photo is of a male, females are dull grey to brown with streaked underparts while young birds are darker and have more heavily streaked underparts. The female builds a fragile, cup-shaped nest from twigs, grass, vines and other materials, attached to a tree fork with spider web,  both sexes incubate the eggs and care for the young.