Capricorn Coast Birds
Hi and welcome to my site about the birds I photograph on the Capricorn Coast and Central Queensland, I write a weekly bird column in our local paper, the Capricorn Coast Mirror and have been doing so for over four years. Because of the feedback from readers of my column and the interest it has aroused I decided to build this site to give residents of the region an online guide to the birds they see around them, I have also recently produced and published a booklet for a similar purpose.
This site is about the birds I see and photograph here on the Capricorn Coast in Central Queensland, we have a broad variety of habitats within a relatively small area which means we have a wide variety of bird species within a short radius. Within 40km of where I live in Cooee Bay we have sea and shore , woodlands, scrub and forest, mangroves, wetlands and grasslands all supporting their particular species of birds.
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  My New Bird Booklet
  I have recently published a 32 page A4 booklet in full colour featuring the birds of the Capricorn Coast, find out more here;
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Capricorn Coast Birds
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  Greg Thomas
Being a bird photographer and weekly bird columnist is something of a surprise to me, I never set out to be either and it just happened coincidently. However I'm very happy with the way it has turned out, not only do I get to see and photograph these beautiful and vibrantly alive creatures but I also share with you our mutual pleasure in their being in our lives.
I use a Canon 50D Digital SLR with a Canon 300mm F4 L lens for bird photography and as a general purpose camera a Canon G10.
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