Capricorn Coast Birds
  Places to find birds around Rockhampton  
Rockhampton is about 40 km inland form the coast and is surrounded by the flood plain of the Fitzroy River Basin, because the Fitzroy floods regularly permanent lagoons and wetlands are widespread throughout the district. These lagoons attract a broad range of wetland birds in great numbers and differ from the wetlands on the coast in that they attract species that are seldom seen here. Another attraction for me is the range of birds whose habitats are in the dryer forests, woodlands and grasslands west of the coastal ranges, again these birds are rarely, if ever, seen on the coast. When I need to visit Rockhampton I usually go in early and visit one or two of these places to photograph birds, the results of these visits are on the following pages.
  Rockhampton Botanic Gardens and Yeppen Lagoon  
Rockhampton Botanic Gardens and the adjoining Yeppen Lagoon are only a few kilometres from the centre of Rockhampton, a pathway runs beside Yeppen Lagoon into the gardens making it very easy to see or photograph a surprisingly wide variety of birds, no tramping through the bush, no long grass, no snakes, or spiders dropping down the neck of your shirt, see more here Rockhampton Botanic Gardens and Yeppen Lagoon
  Kershaw Gardens  
Kershaw Gardens are on the Bruce Highway on The north bank of the Fitzroy River and are planted with Australian native plant species providing an interesting contrast to the traditional style of the Rockhampton Botanic Gardens. Development of the gardens commenced in 1976 on an old land fill reclamation area and are now mature, paved walking paths meander throughout linking the water features that are an integral part of the gardens. You can see some of the birds I found at Kershaw Gardens here; Kershaw Gardens
  Billabongs and lagoons around Rockhampton  
  Duckpond Environmental Reserve  
This reserve conserves a 20ha section of the Fitzroy River floodplain, is an important natural wetland, conserving biodiversity for the people of the Rockhampton region by providing habitat for native wildlife, you can find out more about the Duckpond Environmental Reserve here; Duckpond Environmental Reserve
  Other Lagoons  

If you open the Google Map of Rockhampton at the top of the right column and scroll around you will see the large number of billabongs and lagoons that surround the city, these are part of the flood plain of the Fitzroy River which extends down to the mouth of the river near Port Alma. The lagoon above is astride Roopes Road, an extension of Old Port Curtis Road that was once the main highway to Rockhampton and, like most of the area surrounding the city, is cattle raising country and fairly quiet.

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